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"I Will Be Your Voice. I Won't Let You Down. You Have My Word." - Joe Grandanette

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About Me

Where I'm From

Born and raised catholic in Des Moines, Iowa.  I graduated from Grand View Junior College and Drake University.  I am married to my wife Ting and we have one daughter, Rosina, who is five years old.  My father, Ross, was born in Des Moines and my mother, Joan, was born in Winterset.  I have four sisters, Beth, Mary Kay, Carol, and Francie, and one brother, Ross.  

Before my teaching career, for six years I managed my dad and uncle's business "Bernie's Deli".  I am a retired physical education teacher at Windsor Elementary in Des Moines Public Schools where I taught for twenty-seven years.  For fourteen years, I owned a sports nutrition store called "Say Hello to Joe's" and am a former Des Moines Parks and Recreation board member. 

I coached freshman and sophomore basketball at East High School for seven years and also coached freshman baseball at Urbandale High School for two years.  I have refereed and umpired for over twenty-five years and was a summer baseball player coach in the Des Moines Semi-Pro Baseball League for twenty-five years. 

I have been disappointed in how our country's politicians deceive their voters and the American people.  I am running to tell the truth.  My lifetime experiences make me ready to be your U.S. Congressman.

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Political Positions

An Independent Candidate

I will bring key policies and what the American people want onto the table.  I will not support federal funding for planned parenthood and I believe in taking the necessary steps for legal immigration.

A Strong Voice

I stand with President Trump shoulder to shoulder.  We need to build the wall, eliminate federal funding for sanctuary cities and support our military, ICE and the police.

Support The Constitution

I will protect our second amendment rights/right to bear arms.  I will protect our first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Fair Trade

I support fair trade for farmers and the loan of twelve billion.  I am pro business and looking to reduce regulations and taxes, and repatriate money off-shore.

Social Security

I support social security for those that need it, including the disabled, elderly and retired.  


I am for market based wages and not raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour.  I believe in instituting a cap on tuition for college.

Respecting Our Country

I believe everyone should stand for our national anthem and the pledge of allegiance.


We can bring back healthcare business' with competition.  Crossing state borders will allow for lower premiums and deductibles.


I am catholic. I am Pro-Life until natural death.  I will always say no to euthanasia for elderly and incapacitated.

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